The Fisherman’s Wharf -Restaurant in Hyderabad

The Fisherman’s Wharf -Restaurant in Hyderabad

I went to this place on the 14th of January 2020. It was my engagement anniversary and I went there with my husband (but obvious 😊). As soon as you enter here, the whole ambiance will give you feel as if you are in GOA. I am a very big fan of Goa city and visited many times so I can easily compare the ambiance and aura of the same from GOA.

One lady staff came to us and did all the formalities with name and all, and took us to the main sitting area. As we walked, she showed us the live counter of fish, which was truly like Goa. There were few varieties of live fish which we checked out and being notorious I even toughed also.

We asked for an outdoor sitting area but that was not available and we can clearly see that also. The whole place was super packed despite being a weekday. Then we asked for rooftop space and fortunately, we got a nice place. Since January is little cold weather for Hyderabad so we were feeling the same. Yes, the décor was very nice and I really felt as if we were in goa and you know sitting in any lavish restaurant.

The staff was very humble, polite and courageous who was dealing with us. I am sorry I forgot the name. we ordered two glass of beer along with starters like Masala Fried Prawn, Kingfish Indian Tawa Masala, and Chilli Potato. Dishes were super in taste. I don’t eat prawns but according to my husband it was very tasty and he really liked it. Fish was no doubt veryyyy tasty. It was going amazing combination along with beer. Chilli potato could be a little better. I didn’t like that too much. Coming to the main course we ordered Lal Maas, plain Naan, and Butter Naan. Lal Maas was amazing with extra spicy. It was really spicy but I enjoyed eating it. Trust me it was very tasty. Pieces were so soft and cooked with patience that you can feel all Masala inside. At last, we ordered dessert which was Rasmalai. It was good but not that good which I can go mad about it. In short, what I felt was- amazingly awesome restaurant for non-veg food items.

Beautiful ambiance with tasty food- what else we want. Kudos to the management for maintaining it and for wonderful service.

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