Best 5 Recipe Apps That Will Ignite the Cook in You

Best 5 Recipe Apps That Will Ignite the Cook in You

There are apps for almost everything you need to do today. And one of the mouth-watering categories is cooking. We list here the best 5 recipe apps for the foodie in you.

Best 5 Recipe Apps

A major part of the world population consumes rice. Highly populated countries like China and India are at the forefront when it comes to rice consumption according to Statista. Burger, pizzas, and similar fast food items too are quite popular. In these days of fast-paced life, such dishes are like a lifeline so you don’t go hungry. That’s why we decided to list out best 5 recipe apps – no matter you like cooking or just chomp on.

Rice Recipes: Fried rice, pilaf

Are you a rice-dish lover? Then the Rice Recipes: Fried rice, pilaf app is just for you. No matter you don’t know the recipe of a certain rice dish, you should definitely get it here. Not many of us may know about various species of rice. But the interesting thing is the app will introduce you to them. For example, brown rice and red rice to name a couple of them.

The upside of the app is that the app allows you to browse the library of their videos. So, it becomes all that easier to try out a new dish. The recipes are quite simple. So even if you are a beginner, it won’t irritate you if things aren’t falling in place for you. You can learn cooking in simple and interesting steps.

Recipe book: Recipes & Shopping List

Our next entry in the list of the best 5 recipe apps is the Recipe book. The primary reason is that it’s the artificial intelligence that supports the entire platform. That’s not all. You will get a huge range of listing to choose from both the veg and non-veg category. Be it chicken recipes, or seasonal ones like the ones you make in Diwali. The app holds it all offering countless dishes to choose from.

So how does AI work for you here? The app has one of its kind Shake ‘N’ Make feature. If you are running out of ingredients, all you need to do is list them and shake your phone. The app will list only those recipes that can be made with your current ingredients. Isn’t that fantastic! So, the next time you are confused over what you have to cook, just use the Shake ‘N’ Make feature and your problem is solved!


This is one of the best 5 recipe apps that have the “tasty” recipes as the name itself claims. And if you happen to like one, you can start cooking and the phone won’t “sleep” for you. And if you are a vegetarian, here’s one more important thing for you. You can change settings so you only get to view veg recipes. That’s not all. The app even suggests what you should next have, depending on the time of your day, or even holidays.

It’s not only the delicious dishes that the app suggests. It also takes care of your health. This allows you to search for items that have low calories or are healthy for you. Another thing is the mention of metrics used. If you aren’t living in the United States, the app will allow you to understand what exactly the metrics are when you use the ingredients.

Hebbars Kitchen

The Hebbars Kitchen app particularly targets Indian veg recipes. If you want that desi tadka, this app is your final destination. You should be able to find tons of recipes that are purely Indian and you will love them as a vegetarian. Breakfast, snacks, and curry? You just name it and it’s all here.  All recipes are accompanied by photos as well as short and quick videos to guide you through.

Love the app but want something more? Don’t worry, Hebbars Kitchen has a collection of international recipes as well. It actually has popular cuisine from outside of India too. And yes, these are also veg dishes. So, you get to keep this thing in mind. Don’t have a good internet connection? Fret not, Hebbars Kitchen can work offline too.

All Free Recipes: World Cuisines

As the name itself suggests, you are left with very little for the imagination. “All Free Recipes: World Cuisines” is one of the best 5 recipe apps if you are looking for international recipes. One major highlight of the app is that you get to find recipes as per religious beliefs too. So, next time you have your major religious festival, this app will offer you dishes to select from. Also, you will find recipes that are popular in certain parts of the world.

Because there are dishes to choose from the world over, there are chances you will definitely stumble upon something you like, be it veg or non-veg dish. If you are a foodie and want to taste out things from far off regions, the All Free Recipes: World Cuisines app is the place that won’t disappoint you ever.

So download these apps, go dish-hunting, and enjoy the best of food items under the sky. Have you tasted any spicy dishes mentioned in these apps? Do comment below and let us know how interesting your experience was! Happy cooking!

The post is written by Abhijit Bangal who blogs at Gadget Garrio covering topics like smartphones, app, electronic gadgets, etc. In his free time, he loves to listen to Bollywood music. And as most Indians, he is also an ardent fan of cricket.

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