Benefits Of Rosewater For Healthy Skin

Benefits Of Rosewater For Healthy Skin

Rosewater, a form of flavored water made by suffusing rose petals in water. Gulab Jal has tremendous benefits for your skin and is one of the essential products which you should have for skincare. It makes your skin soft and gives it a natural, healthy glow. Rosewater is being used from ancient times as a core beauty product. It has rejuvenating, soothing and calming properties in it.

Listed below are few tips to make your skin soft, healthy and naturally glowing skin.

Hydrates Your Skin

Today’s life is very busy lives and we hardly get time to take care of our skin. Ignorance of this makes our skin dry which ultimately leads to many skin problems. Problems can be like premature aging, redness, and rashes. So its always advised making your skin hydrated and especially in hot and humid weather. Rosewater makes your skin look and fresh and hydrated.  Regular use of it makes your skin soft and smooth. You can apply it directly on your face or by mixing it in your face mask, cream, and lotion.  

Maintains The pH Balance Of Your Skin

The pH value of our skin ranges from 4.5 to 6.2. Very easily we disturb the pH balance of our skin by continuous use of soaps, face cleansers, and few face wash. All these disruptions lead to an increase in the growth of bacteria which ends up by giving you acne. Rosewater plays a vital role to maintain and balance the pH level of your skin. Rosewater brings your skin to a pH level of 5.5 and brings back your skin to normal.

Controls Acne

Rosewater controls the growth of acne. As stated above, rose water maintains the pH balance of your skin which ultimately leads to a decrease of acne-causing bacteria. With regular use of Rose Water, you will notice that it removes excess oil from your face which reduces acne and future breakouts.

You can use it as a DIY. Just need to add lemon juice and rose water in your face pack. Apply it on your face and neck. Rest it for 25 minutes. Clean it with lukewarm water. You have to use it twice a week for acne-prone skin.

Use it as a Toner For Your Skin

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is the key routine you should always follow in your life to make your skin super healthy and glowing. Toning is considered to be a super essential skincare and you should never neglect it. Toning removes all dirt and oil from your skin and its anti-bacterial property makes it hydrated. Try using rosewater toner by replacing your old one.

You just need to put/pour rosewater on a cotton ball and clean all over your face.

Face Mist And Setting Spray

Face mists – Maintain pH level, Cleanses and Hydrates your skin. Rosewater can act as a best friend for your skin. You can use it as a face mist or makeup setter for your skin. You can use it to clean your face from dirt and sweat, whenever and wherever you want. It suits all skin types and in every weather season. It refreshes your skin instantly without leaving any side effects.

Add rosewater in a minor/small spray bottle and transport it everywhere. Use it any time you feel hot, sweaty or need refreshment for your skin. You can use it before applying makeup.

Natural Makeup Remover

Many of you may be not aware of it that various makeup removers comprise alcohol and harsh chemicals which makes your skin dry. People having sensitive skin gets many problems after using such makeup remover. Try using Rose Water as a natural makeup remover for your skin and it suits all skin types. It wipes away makeup without damaging your skin. It makes your skin hydrated and fresh.

You just need to add 1 tsp of Virgin Coconut oil with 2 tsp of rosewater. Dip a cotton ball in this mixture and clean away the applied layer of makeup. Both natural ingredients are good for your skin to remove makeup without affecting your beautiful skin.

Control Excess Oil

Oily skin leads to many problems like clogged pores and acne. It gives a shiny and greasy appearance. You will start noticing an increase in pimples and blackheads. Your skin will start looking thick and rough. Controlling oil in the face is the solution to all these problems. Rosewater helps you to do so. Regular and daily use of rose water control oil from your face and gives it a healthy and glowing look. Rosewater lessens oil secretion and cleanses pores deeply from inside the skin.

You need to make a smooth paste of rose water and Multani mitti. Apply a thin coat/layer on your face and let it dry completely. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Reduces Under-Eye Puffiness

Allergies, stress, tiredness, eye fatigue and lack of sleep are the major reasons for under-eye puffiness. The simplest way to treat this problem is to provide a cooling effect on your eyes, maybe by cold compress or spray. With the use of Rose Water, you can rejuvenate your puffy eyes instantly and gives it a soothing effect. Anti-inflammatory property present in rose water reduces puffiness and makes you feel refreshed.

Leave Rose Water bottle in the fridge for some time. Let it get chilled. Take two cotton pads and dip completely in the rose water. Now gently place it on your closed eyes. Keep it for some time till you feel its soothing effects on your eyes.

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